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  • Missionaries Need Accountability, Too

    Missionaries need accountability, too. They aren’t freelance ministers. They are covenantal partners with the local sending and supporting church. I’ve been living as a missionary this year in Haiti and have learned firsthand the other side of this story. Here are four ways local leaders can increase accountability and avoid some common related pitfalls. Read […]

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  • Small Group Leadership Training

    Small group leadership training is considered “vital” to the health and the growth of all small groups. Therefore: 1. It is imperative every leader and assistant attends which is only once a month for 1 hour. We understand and appreciate sometimes this may not be possible due to varied situations. If you are in such […]

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  • Social Media

    Today as I read social media, I am amazed at the number of personal opinions one has, both about the Christian faith and the doctrines propagated in the bible (which is the inerrant Word of God). Even as scripture says, “we are living in the last days” therefore we should be like the Berean believers; […]

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  • Lanka Bible College Student Sponsorship

    Thanks to the generous contribution of our members we are able to support a large percentage of the students attending Lanka Bible College in 2013.   Students sponsored this year (2013).

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  • Building Churches in Sri Lanka

    Helping bring God’s Hope and Love to the North East of Sri Lanka through the construction of four churches for the Assemblies of God in partnership with Rev Sam Sajasooriya. The following is a list of the churches that have been completed so far. Akkarayankulam Mankulam Killinochchi Aralay Ponnaga Mullaitivu Oddisuddan Akkarayankulam  Mankulam Aralay Oddisuddan

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  • Ministering encouragement and inspiration to Lanka Bible College staff

    Dear Pastor David, May we take this opportunity to thank you & your wife very sincerely for having taken time off your busy schedule to be with us, encourage us and guide us. This was the first time for most of our staff to have heard you speaking, and we did realise that your message […]

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  • Shane’s Testimony

    I am so grateful and thankful for all the wonderful things God has done for me and my family. I’m so thankful to God for the change he has brought in my life. I arrived to Australia in September 2007 on a student visa and my wife Dally and daughter Nikita joined me in April […]

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  • Pakistan Leadership Training

    In June 2011 Pastor David took the message of hope to Pakistan at the invitation of Pastor Alvin John of Biblical Faith Church, Lahore. Pastor David provided leadership training to Pastors and leaders in the church.

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